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Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys

construction accident lawyer

Construction sites can be hazardous and construction work can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. Due to the serious injuries involved, victims often lose time from work and become permanently disabled. These important cases demand legal experience. The Attorneys as Goldstein Bender & Romanoff have the experience to win.

Construction injury cases are complex, both legally and factually. Construction injury cases demand comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry, applicable regulations, industry practices, and an in depth familiarity with applicable laws. Since the repeal of the Illinois Structural Work Act in 1995, the law governing construction injuries is governed by common law negligence principles. When you are injured on a construction site, you will usually have an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act claim against your employer. However, you may also have a “third-party” claim against other companies who work on site. For example, the owner of the site, the general contractor, subcontractors, architects, and/or engineers may also be responsible for your injuries. For over 60 years, the attorneys at Goldstein Bender & Romanoff have represented people injured due to construction negligence. Goldstein Bender & Romanoff Construction Attorneys remain on the cutting edge of the law in this complex area. Our attorneys have obtained compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses and damages for our clients in cases involving:

  • Scaffolding
  • Trip and Fall
  • Falls from Heights
  • Machinery
  • Vehicle Collisions
  • Electrical
  • Harnesses
  • And more…

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