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premises liability law
If a landlord or property owner allows an unsafe condition to exist or does not provide adequate warning of potential hazards, you may be able entitled to compensation.

Experienced Premises Liability Attorneys

Property owners, mall managers, owners of industrial property, landlords, property managers, cities, towns, and villages are required to keep their property safe. This is the law. When their property is not safe and you are injured, you may have a case against them for money damages. If a landlord, manager or property owner allows an unsafe condition to exist or does not provide adequate warning of potential hazards, you may be entitled to compensation.

In many instances, video recordings may exist that depict the location of the accident or the accident itself. These videos may be crucial in proving your case. If you do not retain an attorney as soon as possible, these videos may be destroyed because a proper demand to preserve this evidence may be required to prevent their destruction. The earlier we can represent you, the earlier we can ensure that this crucial evidence is preserved.

No matter if your accident occurred while you were on private property, or if the accident happened while you were on public property, if you were injured by no fault of your own, you may deserve compensation. A personal injury attorney from Goldstein Bender & Romanoff may be able to help. We will fight on your behalf to recover damages, which include: your current and future medical bills; time lost from work; pain and suffering; loss of normal life; and disfigurement, if applicable. There is a statute of limitations on bringing property injury claims so it is important that you act quickly to contact our firm to get started.

Premises liability cases often revolve around injuries caused by:

  • Poor security;
  • Wet floors;
  • Unsafe walkways;
  • Unsafe structures;
  • Fires;
  • Explosions;
  • Building collapses;
  • Falling objects;
  • Snow and ice accidents;
  • Construction zone accidents;
  • Poor retail store maintenance;
  • Elevator or escalator failures;
  • Electrocution;
  • Exposure to toxic substances;
  • Subway accidents;
  • Bus stop accidents;
  • Railroad crossing accidents;
  • Slip and fall accidents; and
  • Dog bites.

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