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Archive for Month: April 2017


United States Supreme Court finds that FEHBA preempts state anti-subrogation and anti-reimbursement laws

The United States Supreme Court in, Coventry Health Care of Missouri, Inc. v. Nevils,  announced that the Federal Employee Health Benefits Act of 1959, 5 U.S.C. §8902 (FEHBA) preempts any State anti-subrogation or anti-reimbursement law.  Although most Americans do not have health insurance through FEHBA, this decision will inevitably make […]


If I am Unit #1 on the Police Report, Is the Car Accident Automatically My Fault?

Not necessarily. When police in Illinois complete an Illinois Traffic Crash Report to document a car accident, it seems they will generally list the driver they think to be more at fault as the “Unit #1” driver on the police report. But many times the police report doesn’t tell the whole […]