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Injuries, insurance and ride-sharing companies

On March 24, 2017, an Uber self-driving SUV was involved in a car accident leaving the Uber vehicle turned on its side. According to police, there was a person behind the wheel of the Uber, but it remains unclear whether that person was in control of the Uber vehicle. According […]


Social Media in Personal Injury Law

Since the birth of Social Media, people have integrated it into their every day lives. From Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat to Instagram, more and more people are sharing intimate details about their every day lives with anyone and everyone who has access to the internet. Social media can become very problematic […]


Know your insurance policy

If an ambulance is responding to an emergency and negligently causes an accident that hurts you, in most instances they are immune and you cannot recover for the damages they cause. According to the Emergency Medical Services Act (210 ILCS 50/3.150), and the Illinois Tort Immunity Act (745 ILCS 10/5-106), […]