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Social Media in Personal Injury Law

Since the birth of Social Media, people have integrated it into their every day lives. From Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat to Instagram, more and more people are sharing intimate details about their every day lives with anyone and everyone who has access to the internet.

Social media can become very problematic when applied to personal injury law. When someone is injured in the workplace, involved in an auto accident, the victim of medical malpractice,  or otherwise injured, their first reaction is often to post about the incident on social media. More and more, insurance companies are attempting to access these personal (and often password protected) social media posts to confuse the facts in a court of law.

What may only be a picture of you smiling may become the basis to argue that you must not have been hurt. With courts allowing more and more social media posts into evidence it is best to post nothing on social media after someone injures you.



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