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What Injuries Are Covered Under the Workers’ Compensation Law?

Generally, the law covers injuries that are caused by the employee’s work. A worker injured by the repetitive use of a part of the body is covered, as is a person who experiences a stroke, heart attack, or other physical problem caused by work. A worker who had a pre-existing […]


Illinois Dram Shop Act: Bars can be liable too!

We’ve all heard the saying, “When you drink and drive, you lose.” In Illinois, however, it may not just be the driver and the individual he or she collides with who has something to lose. The very bar or tavern owner that served the driver alcoholic beverages can also be […]


New Netflix Documentary “Bleeding Edge” Highlights Safety Concerns About Your Medical Devices

The streaming content service Netflix recently unveiled a new documentary dealing with the potential dangers of increasingly complex medical devices that doctors prescribe to their patients. Some of these devices, the documentary highlights, can pass United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval with less scrutiny than other new products. […]